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How High Heels Can Negatively Affect The Feet

There are many women who enjoy wearing high heels despite knowing foot pain may develop from wearing these specific type of shoes. Research has shown that when the heel is high, the arch in the foot may become inflamed and this...
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Possible Treatments of a Broken Ankle

Research has shown the ankle is comprised of three bones that interlock together. If an injury is endured that fractures one or more of these bones, it is often referred to as a broken ankle. There are several ligaments and tendons that...
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A Possible Treatment for Toenail Fungus

A medical condition referred to as onychomycosis is commonly known as toenail fungus.There are treatments available that may aid in the curing of this fungus, and one of them is known as laser treatment. Research has shown fungal infections may possibly...
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Healthy Diet Choices for Diabetic Individuals

If you’re relatively healthy, your dietary choices are instrumental in helping you to maintain—and perhaps even improve—your health. If you have diabetes, though, those dietary choices are absolutely essential for reducing your risk of serious medical issues. Even more than that, smart dietary habits may even be able to reverse...
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Madness for College Basketball – NOT Because of Athlete’s Foot!

No matter if you’ve been watching as many games as possible and tracking your office pool brackets—which are probably a complete mess at this point!—or barely have any interest, it’s almost impossible not to know that the Final Four tips off tomorrow (Saturday 3/31) at 6:09 PM (EST). The second...
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Foot Care During Pregnancy: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Foot Care During Pregnancy Your body goes through a lot of changes throughout nine months of pregnancy. The baby bump is the most obvious example, but far from the only one! Hormonal changes, increased blood volume, weight gain … your body...
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Foot and Ankle Arthritis

foot and ankle arthritis Some foot and ankle conditions have misconceptions that are commonly held by the general public. For example:
  • Plantar warts are not caused by frogs, toads, or any other amphibian.
  • Bunions are not caused by women’s footwear. (Although, high-heeled...
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    Do I Really Need Custom Orthotics?

    custom orthotics We get it. We’re all on the lookout to save a few bucks where we can. The off-brand cereal that tastes just as good for half the cost. The barely-used designer jacket that pops up at the local thrift store....
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    Is It Time to Update Your Orthotics?

    update orthotics A good pair of custom orthotics can last for several years without wearing out, especially if you take good care of them. However, inevitably, there will come a time when your orthotics must be updated in some...
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    Winter Foot Care

    Winter Foot Care You may be tempted to neglect your feet during the colder months. As the saying goes, after all, “out of sight, out of mind.” But just because they are hidden away in your new pair of boots, doesn’t mean...
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