Winter Foot Care

You may be tempted to neglect your feet during the colder months. As the saying goes, after all, “out of sight, out of mind.” But just because they are hidden away in your new pair of boots, doesn’t … [Read more...]

What Your Feet Say About Your Whole Body Health

Many people think about foot health, or heart health, or lung health, or any other kind of physical well-being separately, as if they’re not all part of the same body. However, this is too simplistic … [Read more...]

Pronation Problems

As with any field or specialty, podiatry has its own unique lexicon, and one of our goals is to help you understand and become familiar with terms like “pronation,” “gait,” and “biomechanical … [Read more...]

How to Dry Socks When You Don’t Have a Dryer

Nobody wants to wear wet socks. Not only are they uncomfortable, but walking around in those squishing things all day can cause blistering, cracked heels, and add a higher risk for fungal infections … [Read more...]

Standing Up Against Foot Pain at Work

Forgive us, please, but we do take a little bit of umbrage toward the term “standing around at work all day” being used to imply laziness or inactivity. Things might not be speedy or productive at the … [Read more...]

What Should You Soak Your Feet in?

Sometimes, the best form of luxury is the cheapest. It doesn’t matter how little you spend if the experience still makes you feel like royalty, and a DIY foot soak can be just the thing for relaxing … [Read more...]

Your Spring Checklist for Foot Health

Spring is here, and it is time to burst out into the warmer outdoors (well, when the weather cooperates, at least)! Whether you set out for birdwatching at Fairfax State Recreation Area or would … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Podiatry Visit

It pays to be prepared. You’ll be all the better for breaking in a new pair of hiking boots before trekking out around Monroe Lake, or for having a pocket full of antacid at any chili cook-off. When … [Read more...]

Hey, Lovebirds: Here’s How to Give a Good Foot Massage

It’s not always easy to know what will make a big impact on your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Flowers? A stuffed animal? A five-course dinner at Feast Market & Cellar? Well here’s a suggestion: … [Read more...]

Are Socks So Simple? What to Look For

When it came to learning the ways of the world, socks were one of the things most of us got the hang of early. Pull them on all the way so they don’t flop around and make sure to avoid holes (or at … [Read more...]