How Orthotics Can Take the Pressure Off

If you’re overloaded with work, stressed-out, and feel like you have a lot of pressure on you, a little help can go a long way! That’s not only true with people, but also with diabetic wounds. A big … [Read more...]

Are Orthotics Worth the Cost?

Between 2007 and 2009, our nation was mired in The Great Recession. During this time, people began to regain a sense of “value” when it comes to the things we buy and use. Thinking about value is an … [Read more...]

Making a Custom Orthotic

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What Orthotics Can and Can’t Do

You’ve probably come across them more than once: the “as seen on TV” products that make sweeping claims of marvelous feats—as long as they’re within the confines of that small legal text in the corner … [Read more...]

How to Know When Orthotics Wear Out

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Choosing Orthotics or Inserts for Your Feet

Life is full of choices: what to put on your plate in the buffet line, what movie to watch when you are at the theater. The hard part of making choices is when it involves something that you are … [Read more...]